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  • Exterior Facade Evaluation
  • Parking Garage Repair
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • Historical Rehabilitation
  • Historical Restoration
  • Lihtning Damage Assessment
  • Gas Explosion Assessment
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Litigation Consulting
Exterior Facade Evaluation1 Parking Garage Repair2 Structural Analysis and Design3 Structural Design and Analysis4 Historical Rehabilitation5 Historical Restoration6 Lightning Damage Assessment7 Gas Explosion Assessment8 Expert Witness Services9 Litigation Consulting10




  • Review of construction documents and other related information

  • Field assessment, testing, and structural analysis

  • Laboratory testing of samples from the structure

  • Identification of deficiencies in design, workmanship, materials, and/or maintenance, and their contribution to the problems

  • Precise written reports of findings, analysis, and conclusion

  • Cost analysis for recommended remedial program 

  • Analyze Owner's requirements.

  • Assist Owner in obtaining related information and data.

  • Identify and analyze code and regulatory requirements.

  • Provide conceptual design, recommendations,
    layout-sketches and cost estimate.

  • Structural analysis and detailing.

  • Preliminary and final detailed designs.

  • Preparation of contract documents,
    technical specifications, and drawings.




  • Existing Condition assessment
  • Material testing and analysis 
  • Historical technical data and research 
  • Determination of appropriate treatment and
    protection standard
  • Historic property HASB/HAER documentations 
  • Preparation of technical and contract documents 
  • Construction observation and contract administration 
  • Existing condition assessment
  • Review of current code and regulatory requirements 
  • ADA compliance
  • Replacement recommendations

  • Maintenance recommendations

  • Short-term and long- term remedial schedules

  • Opinion of cost for replacement items

  • 10 and 20-year cost cycle analysis

  • Cost estimates for maintenance



  • Failure investigation and analysis
  • Technical review of design and construction documents
  • Review of applicable governing codes
  • Material testing and analysis
  • Deposition support
  • Preparation of technical documents and expert opinion reports
  • Expert testimony