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  • Satellite Antenna Analysis
  • Steel Mounting Design
Satellite Antenna Analysis1 Steel Mounting Design2


Project: Satellite Antenna 
Glen Park, Indiana
Client: T-Square, Inc.
Services:  Structural Analysis and Design

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to review the structural performance of an adjustable focus ground based 6.1 meter diameter satellite antenna and its mount structure at various operational positions and wind load conditions.

The mount structure was constructed of grade A36 steel and the antenna structure was constructed of aluminum of four separate Alloy-Terpene designations. In order to accurately model the antenna performance under these conditions SEE constructed a precise full scale 3 dimensional model in a CAD program and exported the model to a finite element structural analysis software. Once the 3D model was stored in the native analysis software format boundary conditions, material properties, sectional properties, and numerous wind load criteria (derived from TIA/EIA 222) were superimposed.

An initial analysis highlighted local areas of weakness within the structure which SEE felt could be significantly strengthened with minor structural modifications. After consultation with our client SEE was given the go ahead to perform redesign of these minor modifications for inclusion in the final analysis. Based upon this analysis, SEE compiled a substantial report which included graphical stress plots at each wind load case and operational position, pointing accuracy of the assembly under load, connection checks at critical points, and a typical foundation solution based on the provisions of TIA/EIA-222.