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  • Prepurchase Condition Assessment
  • Industrial Facility and Storage Yard
  • Floor Settlement Assessment
Prepurchase Condition Assessment1 Industrial Facility and Storage Yard2 Floor Settlement Assessment3


Project: Industrial Facility & Storage Yard
Bellwood, Illinois
Client: Combined Metals of Chicago
Services:  Prepurchase Condition Assessment

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to perform a prepurchase condition assessment of an industrial facility and storage yard at 123 South 23rd Avenue in Bellwood, Illinois.

The facility included seven (7) different structures which consisted of a masonry office building, several warehouses and an exterior canopy. SEE  assessed and reviewed the existing condition of each structure and prepared a report. The report addressed existing conditions, code violations and structural problems associated with each building. The recommendations included modification, repair and strengthening of structural elements, flashing and waterproofing, and total demolition of several buildings. A detailed cost analysis was provided to assist our client in negotiating the final purchase price.