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  • Multi-Residential Buildings Assessment
  • Modular Wood Construction
  • Single-Family Dwelling Units
  • Townhome Buildings
  • Fire Separation Wall
Multi-Residential Buildings Assessment1 Modular Wood Construction2 Single-Family Dwelling Units3 Townhome Buildings4 Fire Separation Wall5


Project: Jericho Circle Complex
Aurora, Illinois
Client: Aurora Housing Authority
Services:  Property Assessment

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to assess structural condition of 28 two-story multiple single-family buildings and assist Aurora Housing Authority with future planning.

The complex consists of 28 buildings with a total of 146 single-family residential units. Each building housed four or six single-family units. The units varied in size from two-bedroom to six-bedroom dwellings that were separated by fire walls. The buildings were designed with 12-foot wide modular wood construction with a flat roof. However, the roof construction was changed to a high-pitched roof later. The new pitched roof rafters were installed  perpendicular to the ceiling joists with one layer of drywall fire separation wall between the units.

After a thorough assessment, SEE determined that the buildings had many structural deficiencies including inadequate floor framing, wood beams, foundation footings, roof rafters, second floor cantilevered framing, and inadequate fire separation walls in the attics. Even though the buildings were repaired twice to correct the structural deficiencies, but still the buildings had many structural deficiencies that were not identified in the past. Based upon future cost analysis, SEE determined that the most cost-effective option was to remove and replace the buildings completely rather than repairing them.