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  • Prepurchase Condition Assessment
  • Industrial Facility
Prepurchase Condition Assessment1 Industrial Facility2


Project: Industrial Facility
Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Client: Roberts Pharmaceutical Corporation
Services:  Prepurchase Condition Assessment

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to perform a prepurchase condition assessment of an industrial facility at 900 Corporate Grove Drive in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Roberts Pharmaceutical Corporation was considering the purchase of a 66,000 square foot industrial facility with an attached office building. The industrial building was a one-story structure approximately 30 feet tall consisting of a flat roof with tilt-up precast wall panels. The office building was a one-story structure with a flat roof and brick masonry facade.

SEE performed a prepurchase condition assessment to evaluate the general condition of the structural components, roofing, exterior facade, floors and foundation, and parking lot; and identified structural and related deficiencies, non-code compliant items, and other visible deterioration. SEE prepared a comprehensive report that included our observations, conclusions, and recommendations along with estimated construction cost to assist our client in negotiating the final purchase price.