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  • Composite Precast Floor Failure
Composite Precast Floor Failure1


Project: Cock County Jail
Chicago, Illinois
Client: Clausen Miller Gorman Caffrey & Witous, P.C. 
Services:  Structural Review and Inspection, Structural Failure Analysis, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness Services.

Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  was retained to provide litigation support and expert witness services related to the failure of composite Hollow-Core floor slab. The new jail design specified a Hollow-Core slab with concrete topping for floor construction. The precast manufacturer proposed a composite topping in order to meet the design requirements. After placement of the concrete topping it became evident that the concrete topping was not bonded to the precast planks.

Contractor retained a well-known consulting firm to assess condition and provide repair recommendations. The consulting firm determined that lack of surface preparation resulted in bond failure. They recommended epoxy injection to bond the topping to the planks rather than removing and replacing concrete topping. After injection epoxy resin infiltrated into the conduits embedded in the concrete topping, wall construction, and electrical and mechanical systems. This made the jail building non-functional, hence it had to be removed and replaced    

SEE was retained, by the law firm representing the architectural firm, to provide forensic engineering services for this multi-million dollars construction law suit. The scope of services included review of original contract documents, construction documents, construction techniques, material evaluation, manufacturer's literature, applicable codes and standards, depositions, opinions and reports prepared by other consulting firms, and preparing expert opinion statement. We worked very closely with the lead attorneys and provided objective expert witness services that resulted in a settlement in favor of our client.