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  • Jumbotron Design
  • Post-Tensoined Parking Garage Repair
  • Concrete Facade Evaluation
  • Lightning Damage Assessment
  • Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation
  • Luxury Townhouse Design
  • Concrete Facade Repairs
  • Prefabricated Masonry Panels Repairs
  • Gas Explosion Damage Assessment
  • Terra Cotta Facade Restoration
  • Steel Hopper Design
  • Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs
  • Historic Statues Condition Assessment
Jumbotron Design1 Post-Tensoined Parking Garage Repair2 Concrete Facade Evaluation3 Lightning Damage Assessment4 Historic Stone Roundhouse Rehabilitation5 Luxury Townhouse Design6 Concrete Facade Repairs7 Prefabricated Masonry Panels Repairs8 Gas Explosion Damage Assessment9 Terra Cotta Facade Restoration10 Steel Hopper Design11 Double-Tee Parking Garage Repairs12 Historic Statues Condition Assessment13


Structure Evaluation Engineers, Inc. (SEE)  is an interdisciplinary engineering firm that provides a broad range of structural engineering consulting and design services in all areas of construction technology and buildings. We design, analyze, evaluate, repair, and retrofit buildings and structures of all types. We are experienced in developing corrective designs for deficient, damaged, or deteriorated buildings and structures, including parking garages, plaza decks, facility plants, warehouses, and exterior building envelopes.

Our clients return to us for one reason, our people. They are the SEE  advantage, helping clients solve engineering problems, and working as an extension of your own resources. Our project management approach is based on strong communication and responsiveness. We focus on cost effective solutions, backed by innovative, yet practical engineering design. Our mission is to provide you with real value and highest quality in all of our services and meet your expectations with timely, accurate, and objective information. You have our commitment that they will be performed to your satisfaction.